Friday, December 9, 2011

The Apricot Buckwheat Quince Green Tea, the Most Clever Dessert Ever Created

Not only is each plate mouthwateringly yummy,
they are gorgeous to behold.   I mean, come on,
I could frame this.
What did I do Wednesday night?  Oh, I just had one of the most Memorable Meals Of My Life.   
Now I know I tend to exaggerate—it’s just my nature—but I’m not kidding here, people.  This place had incredibly unique, yet equally tasty food, excellent service, a warm and fun ambience, and of course, impeccable desserts.
One of the contributing factors in my recent move to New York was, honestly, food.  New York has the most inventive, diverse restaurant selection per square inch than any other city on the planet.  This is a scientific fact, based on absolutely nothing.
I love learning about new chefs, dishes, and restaurants.  I’m a big fan of The Food Network and The Cooking Channel—Unique Sweets, Best Thing I Ever Ate, Cupcake Wars and Giada DeLaurentiis tend to clog up my DVR--which is how I learned about WD-50.

Monkfish, Smoked Barley, Beet-Mustard, Nori.  If you've
never had smoked barley, run to the nearest smoked
barley store.
WD-50 serves the most unique, delicious, and humorous dishes I have ever come across.  This restaurant is the brainchild of Wylie Dufresne ( seriously one of the coooooolest chef names ever).  I have been dying to try this restaurant since I moved to New York.  So, as is typical with these types of places, I booked the first available reservation at a decent dining hour, which was on a Wednesday night at 6:30pm.  6 weeks later…

The day arrived.  And with it, a crazy rainstorm that robbed me of any cabs within a 2 mile radius.  So instead I took the slowest train in the history of trains-- the appropriately named “F”.  It got me close enough to the restaurant that I could swim to Clinton Street, but I still arrived 15 minutes late.  Gulp.  (The nightmare running through my head: “I’m sorry, our next available seating is at 11pm.  In 2014.”)
Everything Bagel (except it's Ice Cream!), Smoked Salmon Threads,
Crispy Cream Cheese.  Clever and Delicious.

Luckily my friend Keri arrived on time, and the hostess didn’t seem at all perturbed by my late arrival.  We were seated immediately and gravitated to the Tasting Menu.  11 courses containing some of the most unbelievable food combinations I’ve ever seen?  And we were celebrating Keri’s birthday?  Easy choice.

The real food was phenomenal, but of course I was geeking out over the—not 1, not 2, but 3 incredible desserts that we would have the privilege of trying.  (In actuality, it became 5.  Can you believe it? 5 desserts! AHH!)
You'll never guess what this is so I'm just gonna tell you:
Sweet Shrimp, Miso Noodles, Chicory, Yuzu.  Delectable.

Foie-lafel. Get it? HA! It took me a second,
then I burst out laughing. So clever!

Quail, Chartreuse Yogurt, Turnip, Nutmeg.
I had no idea how much I loved quail until now.

 And now, to the incredibly unique desserts...(for those of you who are counting, #5 is at the beginning of the story)

Milk chocolate, black bean, plaintain, soy, peanut
An exotic mix of unbelievable flavors, and
gorgeously presented.  We did a lot of staring.

Candied Egg Yolk, brown buttermilk, jackfruit,
hazelnut.  I can't begin to describe how surprisingly
mouthwatering this little ensemble turned out to be.  I wonder if they'll let me order this to go...

These fried rice pudding balls arrived perfectly
warm.  To Die For is one way to explain them.
Another treat they should sell by the dozen.

Frozen "rice krispy treats".  Delicious!  Refreshing!
A perfect end to the meal!

 What an experience! There was such intelligence infused into this meal, I experienced a pleasant disconnect between my mouth and my brain.  When I would read the description of the upcoming dish on the menu, I had a picture in my mind.  And every time, what arrived blew me away.  
I also need to give a shout out to the staff.  The service could not have been more impeccable.  Our waitress, as well as the entire waitstaff, was extremely knowledgeable about every dish, and you could almost feel their passion for the food.  That can't be taught.  Oh, and Wylie himself happened to be in his own kitchen!  When do you see that happen?  The hostess informed us that he's always there.  Wow.
There's something special going on at WD-50; I highly encourage you to experience it for yourself.
50 Clinton Street
New York, NY 10022

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