Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh how my eyes light up

when I hear about, think about, or--most importantly--SEE a dessert.

Chocolate ganache cake, vanilla mochi ice cream, almond croissants, red velvet cupcakes, apple caramel deep dish pie, peanut butter anything (don't get me started on peanut butter...).   Joy.  Bliss.  Heaven.

Dessert is a priority in my life.  I try to make it a daily habit, like brushing my teeth.  I figure, if it's something I love (read: am obsessed with), then why deny it?  Because here's the thing: Life is short.  And while I've had my fair share of treats, there are soooo many more out there that deserve my attention.

I travel for work and for fun, and I love finding the best desserts available wherever I happen to be.  I obsessively take pictures of them, styling them just right (my friends love this) so I can post them, perfectly posed, to Facebook.  I also love to bake (cupcakes with my niece are the new rage) and create new fun treats (donut muffins!) that I cannot wait to share.

By the way, I'm a reasonably fit person who tries to eat healthy and work out every day.  While I hate to say it, moderation (blech) is key and I try my best not to overindulge.  This is all good in theory.  I have my moments.

I'm excited to share my passion with you, as I know there are so many more Dessertfreaks out there.  I hope this brings you as much joy as it does for me!