Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Doughnut Peach Basil Ice Pop

The Doughnut Peach Basil Popsicle
"I want to be a part of it, New York, New York!" Oh New York, I just love ya.  The moment my plane hits the ground, there's an undeniable energy in the air that makes me giddy with excitement.  (Side note: Every time I'm about to land in NYC, that fabulous Sinatra song plays in my head.  Seriously.  Every time.)

Oh the possibilities!  You never know what could happen, who you might run into, or most importantly, what incredible, exotic and revolutionary new food might be lurking just around the corner.

Take the popsicle.  Only in New York could this simple childhood amusement become a gourmet affair of epic proportions.   I tried two different types of this trendy treat, and both were pretty ridiculous.
Walking the High Line

The first stop, which we found completely by accident (these unplanned discoveries are often when I find the best things ever.  Lesson: be open to everything all the time, friends): People's Pops, a cute little old fashioned popsicle cart on the High Line.

The High Line is a gorgeous new park on the west side that cleverly converted a dreary, unused space into a fabulous walking path, complete with beautiful landscapes and outrageous views of the Hudson.

I happened to walk the High Line with my friend Keri on a really hot day, so when I spied this little ice cream stand, I was pretty open to whatever the little ice cream guy was offering.

Let's see, I'll have the...
doughnut popsicle??? 

But much to my surprise, this ice cream cart didn't carry Drumsticks or Good Humor bars.  I was left with this dilemma: Doughnut Peach Basil or Nectarine Chai.

Before I saw the sign, I was thinking, ok I'll probably have a little vanilla ice cream sandwich or maybe a fudgesicle.  But noooo, these were not my choices.  I was debating between two ice pops that contained some of the most exotic ingredients on earth.

So of course I went with the Doughnut (I always say yes to fried).  I was beyond intrigued by what crazy genius would think to include a doughnut in an ice pop.

The first bite was so refreshing, it was like taking a big gulp of fresh water on a hot day.  (This also made me realize I was really thirsty, but luckily there were tons of drinking fountains around.  Drinking fountains that talk, by the way.  But I digress).  This popsicle was different from anything I had tried before--just by looking at it, you could tell it was fresh, homemade, and going to be delicious.

There were generous chunks of peach distributed throughout the bar.  Chopped basil added a unique, herbal essence.  And the doughnuts?  Sadly, while I could see the chunks, they didn't have much taste.  But no matter.  I just liked saying that I ate a doughnut popsicle.   All in all, a perfect treat for a hot summer day.

In fact, I've been wondering how feasible it is to have them shipped to me in LA.  Hint to my NY friends: perhaps you can bring a cooler of popsicles with you the next time you're in LA).

This is all that remained after 1.37 minutes. 

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