Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Red Velvet Waffles with Taro Cream Cheese

Red velvet waffles topped with taro cream cheese, red velvet cake cubes,
and chocolate sauce.  And a swirly chocolate thingy.
As I was pondering where to meet my friend Erica for lunch, I realized it might be a good idea to offset my recent sugar marathon with some actual food.  (Sometimes I hate being responsible).

Me: I really need something healthy, maybe a salad?  

Erica: Got it, I have just the place.

Now granted, Yogurstory offered salads but what my wonderful friend failed to mention is that this place is known for their crazy dessert waffles!  No matter, we're adults and as I mention above, totally responsible.  So, in an effort to be healthy, we brilliantly ordered salads.  

Proof that I ate a salad.
And then promptly wolfed down some super tasty waffles.  

We actually ordered the waffles at the same time as the salads, because we're so efficient (ok maybe I was dying to see what these waffles looked like).  I wouldn't recommend this method unless you enjoy staring longingly at your dessert while trying to get excited about a forkful of spinach.

I need to back up.  Because I'm sure you're scratching your head right now if you caught the name of this restaurant.  Yogurstory.  Let's get this discussion over with, shall we?  

Yes, it's called Yogurstory.  No, that's not a typo.  No, it's not just a frozen yogurt shop.  No, they don't tell stories. Yes, I realize none of that really makes sense.  Such is life, people.
Proof that I didn't make up "Yogurstory".
There it is in print, people.
The waffles were yummy as expected--very soft, with a hint of red velvet, complemented by the red velvet cake cubes scattered on top.  Dark and creamy chocolate sauce.  

But what really amazed me about this dish was the Taro Cream Cheese.  My mouth is watering just talking about this unique topping.  I never would have thought to mix the two together, but it was absolutely delicious.  I seriously could have eaten a tub of this stuff by itself.
Oh did I fail to mention it comes as a 4-pack?
Yogurstory has really taken waffles to the next level.  Red Velvet Waffles with Red Velvet Cake Cubes, Taro Cream Cheese and Chocolate Sauce is pretty inventive.  

But Red Velvet has friends.  Very good looking friends. 

Next on my list of waffles to try, it's a tie between: 

Sweet Potato Waffles with Coconut Haupia Sauce, Toasted Coconut and whipped cream, or
West Hollywood Oreo Waffles with White Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Chips, Belgian 58% Chocolate Sauce and Creme Anglaise.  

Holy waffle house, Batman.
Proof that these crazy waffles actually exist.

Yogurstory.  Silly name.  Awesome waffles.  


815 Keeaumoku St
HonoluluHI 96814
(808) 942-0505


  1. Yay! I made it on a blog post ;) I'm looking forward to eating amazing food in June and making another appearance?!

  2. Ha! I know, so excited for your visit! I'm already thinking about our Cupcake Tour!