Monday, August 22, 2011

The Incredible Edible Ice Cream Birthday Cupcake

I just love birthdays.  Of course I love celebrating my birthday most of all, but I also adore celebrating anyone's birthday because birthdays mean BIRTHDAY CAKE!  Hooray!
Well hello,  Fudge.
As you can probably tell, I'm not a vanilla cake kinda girl.  I like to keep life interesting.  So when my sister Aulani's birthday approached, and she asked for an ice cream cake, I thought well, anyone can make an ice cream cake.  I take your ice cream cake and raise you.  And just how do you take ice cream cake to the next level?  Ice cream cupcakes, of course.

I have never made an ice cream cake nor ice cream cupcakes, but I was confident that because ice cream would be included--in the form of the cupcake no less--that no matter what happened, these things were going to be phenomenal.  (I was right.)

Oreo cookie crumb crust...a really good start.
I started with cute little sports cupcake holders (we're big sports people).  My mom suggested an easy crust--crushed Oreo cookies mixed with melted butter.  Please do me a favor: if you find pre-crushed Oreos, don't tell me.  One of the most hilariously fun things about this on-the-fly recipe was my mom and I peeling off the Oreo lard and crushing them into tiny pieces.  Trust me, do it by hand and watch the laughter (and Oreo crumbs) fly.

I continued to build the cupcake by adding two separate layers of ice cream--Pralines and Cream and Cookies and Cream--both favorites of the birthday girl.  (A Redo Tip: I'd grab two or three different colored flavors--say, chocolate, strawberry and green tea--so the difference in the layers really pops).   I topped it with whipped cream, drizzled it in dark chocolate fudge, and added fun sprinkles on top.  Voila!  A super easy, colorful, fun, and decadent birthday treat!

Happy Birthday Aulani!

We quickly sang Happy Birthday (hello hot candles sitting on ice cream), and each promptly devoured our refreshing little "cakes".  The cookie crust combined with the ice cream, fudge, and whipped cream was pure yumminess.  And really easy to make.  Also, I can't say enough about the convenient portability of this little treat--very easy to grab and go, or stick in the freezer for another time.  
The birthday girl, ridiculously excited about
the most incredible ice cream cupcakes ever invented.

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  1. Kalei, I especially like the pics at the bottom of this page with you eating dessert in various international cities...