Saturday, August 27, 2011

Elvis, You're a Mess. A Wonderful, Wonderful Mess.

I just had drinks with Elvis.  How is he?  He's good.  Reeeeeeally, really good.

I've always had a little thing for Elvis, but my fascination reached new heights when I learned that he was also a peanut butter nut.  The fried peanut butter & banana sandwich?  Elvis, you are The King.  

Elvis is in the building
So when I saw "The Elvis" on the dessert menu of the slammin' hot new restaurant Manhattan Beach Post, it was a no-brainer.  And when I read that this little concoction featured not just peanut butter mousse, but carmelized bananas, chocolate pudding and bacon brittle...well, I was All Shook Up (Warning: this is just one of several super tacky Elvis song references included throughout this story).

The Elvis is also called a "Wonderful Mess", and for good reason.  This dish was an absolutely delicious disaster.

The Elvis is served in a large white bowl that cradles the first layer, a smooth, cold pool of rich chocolate pudding.  But the first thing you notice (at least I did, being the pb-obsessed fool that I am) is the giant dollop of thick peanut butter mousse, framed by chunky carmelized bananas.  I Can't Help Falling in Love.
No this isn't a roasted chicken.  I forgot my camera so
I had to resort to my crappy camera phone. Sadly, I am now
forced to go back in order to take fancy pictures.
I asked for the bacon brittle bits on the side (I'm so LA sometimes, please do not do this), but of course we ended up eating those too.  Every last morsel.  And in about 2 minutes flat, it was gone.

Don't worry, I shared it with a fellow obsessed pb fan.  Ryan, I'm sure you're just as embarrassed as I am about these terrible pictures.  We need a re-do asap please.

Manhattan Beach Post changes its menu regularly.  So.  It's Now or Never.

Manhattan Beach Post
1142 Manhattan Ave
Manhattan BeachCA 90266
(310) 545-5405

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